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DAMA Plant Auditing and Optimization service details.


Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

Diagnostic Studies

DAMA checks and verifies the grinding circuit (mill) design and operating parameters. Theoretical values of design and operation variables are calculated for comparison.

Circuit Simulation

DAMA conducts circuit simulation studies to determine the mass and material balance of a working facility. These studies aim to present the status of the currently operated facility without any optimization objective.

Performance Analysis and the Mill

Functional Performance Analysis is applied especially effectively for closed circuit ball mills. With FPA, the classifier, ball mill and total circuit efficiency are calculated separately and finally integrated into a single coefficient. The effects of design and operation variables can be seen by monitoring this coefficient and necessary measures are taken to optimize the process. However, sampling should be done to see the effect of suggested corrections each time. DAMA initially conducts a sampling study and then conducts the necessary simulation studies to optimize the circuit by determining the FPA coefficient. Finally, a new circuit configuration with optimized variables or design changes as required is recommended.

Circuit Design

DAMA conducts a series of tests on ore characterization to determine ore-specific properties. The purpose of these tests is to characterize the ore processed in the plant and to design the appropriate circuit. After the characterization of the ore, the appropriate process method, equipment list and flow chart are determined.

Mill Sizing

DAMA plans and conducts advanced ore crushing tests to design or select a new mill. In addition to the Bond approach, DAMA also conducts mill sizing studies based on the PBM (Population Balance Modeling) approach using the product particle size distribution estimated by modeling and laboratory studies. The PBM approach has been applied around the world for more than ten years to model, predict and design ore beneficiation operations. The world's leading equipment suppliers use the PBM approach in their modeling studies.

HPGR Sizing

DAMA Mineral Processing and Metallurgy Department provides services such as High Pressure Roller Mill (HPGR) sizing and product size distribution estimation within the scope of plant design studies.

RTD (Residence Time Distribution) Measurement

RTD is one of the most important factor affecting product size in grinding circuits. An experimental process must be planned and managed in the plant in order to determine the RTD correctly. DAMA provides RTD measurement service for grinding circuits by following internationally accepted procedures.

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