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Mining Services

DAMA conducts mine design studies for metallic ores (gold, copper, chromite, etc.) and coal. Mine design basically cover the following elements;

  • CAD software (Micromine) aided pit design and optimization,

  • Production planning,

  • Machine park and equipment selection,

  • Waste dump site design and planning,

  • Ramp design,

  • Ore extraction design from veins and massive deposits with traditional mechanized methods,

  • Underground mining method design,

  • Underground geotechnical studies,

  • Hydrogeology management,

  • Shaft design,

  • Mine ventilation design studies.

All mentioned project elements are managed by DAMA. At the end of the process, an economic analysis of the mining investment is made to determine the profitability level of the investment. DAMA also prepares technical reports with different confidence sensitivities according to the existing available data and the client's request.

  • Scoping Report, 40%-50% sensitivity,

  • Pre-Feasibility Report, 20%-30% sensitivity,

  • Feasibility Report, 10%-15% sensitivity.

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